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MakeNoise X-Pan


5 channel Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixer

The Make Noise X-Pan voltage-controlled stereo mixer Eurorack module will have you re-thinking the creative possibilities of panning and crossfading. The top two sections each allow you to crossfade between two signals and then pan that pair of signals across the stereo field, while the simpler bottom section features a stereo aux input with a stereo VCA. Everything is combined together at X-Pan's stereo Sum outputs. When you modulate crossfading and panning at audio rates, you can create fluctuating stereo sidebands that add a whole new dimension to your patches. And for maximum creative potential, the Make Noise X-Pan module is direct-coupled for use as a complex CV router.

  • Five-channel, voltage-controlled stereo mixer for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Explore shifting stereo sidebands by modulating crossfading and panning at audio rates
  • Direct-coupled for use as a CV processor and router
  • Voltage control inputs for panning, crossfading, and mixing
  • Low noise and high headroom for maximum sonic quality
  • Size: 10HP wide, 30mm deep
  • Power usage: 145mA (+12V), 110mA (-12V)