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After Later Audio Typhoon


This is where Storm and Monsoon meet to create the latest improvements on the original Clouds design.  With Typhoon you get all of the features of Storm combined with sliders and layout of Monsoon in 16hp.  Typhoon runs the SuperParasites firmware, so no more having to swap between Parasites and Kammerl firmware options.  Some of the notable features are:

Usage tips:

Press and hold time to swap between modes, then press the time to cycle through the options (* = lit LED)

*OOO – Granular Clouds (Parasites)
O*OO – Pitch Shift / Time Stretch (Parasites)
OO*O – Looping Delay (Parasites)
OOO* – Spectral Processor (Parasites)
O*** – Oliverb (Parasites)
*O** – Resonator (Parasites)
**O* – Beat Repeat (Kammerl)
***O – Spectral Clouds (Kammerl)

Use the buttons next to the VU meters to mute either the input or output
Aux CV input is routed to all CV inputs

* Dedicated blend controls for Feedback, Panning, Mix, and Reverb (similar to Monsoon)

* All eight modes from Parasites and Kammerl

* Stereo VCAs

* input/output mutes

* Exponential and linear pitch controls

* Universal CV routing and random CV signals

• 16hp