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Trig Expander

RYO Trig Expander


Trigger/Gate expansion for the RYO VC Sequencer

**This is the Pre Assembled version**
Introducing the first official channel expander module for the VC Sequencer, the Trig Xpander.

This will give your VC Sequencer 8 individual outputs for each step outputting either a trigger or a gate, selectable with a jumper on the pcb, and a 9th output that gives you a trigger for each step progression. Also on board is a trimmer for setting the trigger length to your liking.

The outputs are diode isolated, this allows for passive mixing of the outputs using a passive multiple/stackcable/IV cable, or a switched multiple/OR combiner such as the Doepfer A-182 or Low-Gain Short Bus.

**This is the Pre Assembled version**

+12mA / -12mA
45mm Depth