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TipTop Audio TOMS909


The TOMS909 is a recreation of Roland's legendary TR-909 analog Tom drums sound generator for use in modular synthesizer format. The TOMS909 includes all the original controls found on the TR-909 drum machine, as well as several new features never before available, such as extended TUNE range and independent voltage control for accent and tune/pitch on each drum.

There are three independent Tom drum sounds, starting from the left with the Low, Mid, and High, Tom; each Tom drum section gives you full control over the Toms’ volume Level, Accent, Decay, and Tune levels. On the right side of the module is a voltage control section with a voltage control input for each Tom drum and an accompanying attenuator knob for scaling the incoming voltages, as well as a MIX OUT for summing the three drum sounds.

120 mA +12V / 100 mA -12V
51 mm Depth