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TMA-2 Studio Preset

AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Preset


TheTMA-2 Studio Preset delivers full and rich sound. With its wide, detailed soundstage and high comfort it is designed for studio use and long listening sessions.


  • S03 Speaker Units - Engineered with a titanium coated driver to reduce distortion, and designed with a fully sealed driver, providing a full and rich sound.
  • C02 Cable - Coiled 1.5 meter Thermo plastic cable, soft touch surface and can extend to 3.2m, perfect for Djing or small studio usage - comes with 1/4 to 1/8 screw on adaptor.
  • E04 Earpads - Flat sound representation. Wide soundstage. High comfort and isolation.
  • H03 Headband - New reinforced nylon headband with high comfort and durable PU leather head padding.
  • Adjustable cups - You can easily change the position of the cups to make the headphones fit perfectly.
  • Cable Lock - You can choose to lock the cable to the speaker unit, to make sure it doesn't get pulled out while playing.
  • Angled Stereo Plug- This makes it harder to accidentally pull the plug from the mixer, and less intrusive, when you are beat mixing.
  • Stereo Jack Adaptor - The adaptor lets you change from a stereo mini jack (3.5 mm) to a larger stereo jack (6.3 mm)

In The Box:

  • S03 Speaker Units
  • H03 Headband
  • E04 Earpads
  • C02 Cable


Driver Unit Size : 40 mm
Sound Pressure Level : 117 dB
Resonance Frequency : 90 Hz
Impedance : 32±15% Ohm
Rated Power : 30 mW
Max Power : 70 mW
Diaphragm Material : Titanium coated
Magnet Type : Neodymium
Weight : 275 Grams