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Miseducation of Cameron Post

Das Kino Miseducation of Cameron Post


Thursday 7th March 
8pm screening **NO TRAILERS**
The Old Baths Cafe,
80 Eastway, E9 5JH 


Director of Appropriate Behaviour Desiree Akhavan – an Iranian-American film director, producer, screenwriter and actress - delivers this fantastic adaptation of Emily Danforth’s novel. It has premiered to immediate critical praise as Sundance 2018. An excellent drama, deeply humane and very moving, that depicts the horrifying reality of conversion therapy, colloquially known as ‘pray away the gay’.


A kind of hybrid of an institutional drama and a summer camp film, it boasts an exquisite eye for detail. Full of humour, it nevertheless refuses to make anyone into a villain; Akhavan instead treating all her characters with compassion, intelligence and insight.