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WMD / SSF Spectrum


SSF / WMD Smart Control Precision Analog VCO


  • Precision analog saw-core VCO
  • Triangle, sine, sawtooth, -1 or -2 sub-octave sawtooth or square, variable pulse-width and two unique variable saw-pulse hybrid waveforms
  • PWM control and CV input with attenuator
  • Linear and Exponential frequency modulation modes. FM CV attenuator
  • Novel and compact 8 octave, up/down octave switcher with 3-bit LED indicator
  • Selectable LFO/VCO mode
  • Classic hard sync
  • High efficiency LED indicators. Settings are saved in EEPROM when powering off
  • Temperature compensated and reliably tracks 1V/oct for at least 5 octaves
  • 10hp wide