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Audio Damage Shapes


Shapes is a true stereo digital waveshaping module. It features two modes: Lookup and Algorithm.

In Lookup mode, the top knob smoothly interpolates between sixteen different wavetables, the Param 1 knob selects the width of the table, and the Param 2 knob sets the starting point of the table (effectively: phase).

In Algorithm mode, the top knob selects from 9 different waveshaping/folding algorithms, and Param 1 and Param 2 alter the effects of those algorithms on the input signal.

With a sine or triangle input, you get a large collection of waveshaping and folding modification, while with program material, it is effectively an incredibly broad palette of distortion, saturation, clipping, and the like.

50 mA +12V / 10 mA -12V
23mm Depth