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LZX Industries Shapechanger


Designed to take two continuous input voltages representing X and Y points on a display, Shapechanger processes the size, width, height, aspect ratio, symmetry, and curve of a resulting quadrilateral figure. Combined with Navigator for positioning and rotation of the figure, these modules provide a holistic 2D analog graphics engine suitable for direct video synthesis and vector rescanning techniques. A typical use case is to process the horizontal and vertical ramp waveforms generated by Visual Cortex, and receive a 2D shape output. The resulting shape can be modulated and combined with other video and pattern elements to create complex geometries for the final output video.

12 wideband analog multipliers and a dual channel signal path from input to output.

Voltage controlled aspect ratio allows morphs from rectangles to square and diamond shapes.

Voltage controlled symmetry allows morphs from squares to elongated diamonds and kites.

Voltage controlled size performs high gain multiplication for a zooming effect. This is fundamentally different from using a key generator to create a 2D shape, and keeps gamma curve shaping independent from size modulation.
Voltage controlled gamma curve allows continuous morphing from star to square to circle.
Signal path performs at high frequency, video rate speeds from input to output.
AC/DC input coupling switches and inverting level attenuators on all voltage control inputs.
Separate mask (flat shape) and gradient (linear shape) outputs provide flexible tools for compositing and colorization.
Dedicated H & V outputs for chained processing or vector rescanning techniques.

16hp / 45mm deep / 220mA +12V / 220mA -12V