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Frap Tools Sapel


Frap Tools Sapel is a random module for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. It randomly generates control voltages and noise. The module is divided into two sections, one generates audio noise in four different versions (white, blue, pink and red noise) and the other two mirrored random clocks, random voltages and random clock sources. It is also possible to set a random distribution via potentiometer and apply the selected distribution to each of the four paths independently.

Audio Noise
Each form of noise has its own output, with the following audio signals:
• Blue noise at a spectrum of +3 dB per octave
• White noise at a spectrum of 0 dB per octave
• Pink noise at a spectrum of -3 dB per octave
• Red noise at a spectrum of -6 dB per octave

Random clocks
The dual clock generator consists of two independently operating stages. This is based on the signals from the random voltage channels. The frequencies can be set by potentiometers and modulated by CV inputs. Normal and arbitrary clock signals can be picked up individually, whereby the random output has two operating modes:
• More-Than mode: Normal clock signals plus random triggers are output together.
• Less-Than mode: Only random triggers are output.

Random Voltages
Two channels generate random voltages on a semitone and octave basis. The number of steps (n) used can be varied from 1 to 6 via rotary control or CV inputs. There are two ways of processing the values:
• 2n channel: Generates quantized voltages in 1/12 V steps. (Corresponds to the standard half-tone of 1 V per octave.) The value range extends from two to 64 steps. (0 V to +5.25 V)
• N+1 channel: Generates voltages quantized to 1 V. (Corresponds to octave steps according to the standard 1 V per octave.) The value range extends from two to seven steps. (0 V to +6 V)
Size: 18HP
Depth: 38mm
250 mA 12V idle
170 mA -12V idle