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Quad Clock Distributor

4MS Quad Clock Distributor


Quad voltage controlled Clock multiplier/divider

  • Four independent or sync'ed clocks
  • Tap tempo button and five clock outputs make the QCD perfect for head-of-the-chain "Master" clock module
  • Create complex rhythmic patterns by using channels to modulate other channels' clock Division/Multiplication amount
  • Tap clock output runs at the tapped tempo (even if other channels are being clocked externally)
  • Each of the four channels has an independent clock IN, OUT, Reset and Div/Mult
  • Divide or Multiply incoming clock from /64 to x64 on each channel
  • Detented knob to snap to integer division/multiples
  • CV jack to modulate Div/Mult amount
  • Reset jack per channel restarts the clock when a trigger is received (alters phase of clock)
  • Clock input jacks are normalized downwards: Tap->Red->Black->Blue->Green
  • Clock outputs stop automatically when incoming clock stops
  • LEDs blink to output clocks' tempos
  • 10V clock output pulses, fully buffered. Default is square-wave, but PW is controllable with expander
  • Daisy chain multiple QCDs or other clock modules using Tap Out jack
  • Header on the PCB to connect to QPLFO to provide four CV Skew-able, CV Div/Mult-able envelopes

Interfaces with QCD Expander for more features (Pulse Width, Inverted Gate, attenuverters for CV inputs)

A jumper selects using +5V from the power supply, or generating +5V on-board from the +12V rail.

Width: 10hp
Max Depth: 40mm
Power: 48 mA +12V / 40 mA -12V / 41 mA 5V