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Cwejman QMMF


The Cwejman QMMF-4 is x4 ultra stable multimode filters / resonators with three different resonance modes, three switchable filter types (plus a fixed notch), individual in- and outputs per filter and the Master section known from the RES-4 plus dry/wet controls.

Each filter has an individual audio input, two controls for coarse and fine adjustment of cutoff frequency, two cutoff CV inputs (CM1 adjustable, CM CAL with 1V/oct) as well as the voltage controllable Q-PEAR resonance circuit with three modes: OSC allows for self-oscillation, OSC SAT as well but with saturation (like the MMF-2), RES doesn't self oscillate but is perfect for filter ringing (like the RES-4).

Switchable filter types are low pass, band pass and high pass; the notch is available separately
The filter is followed by a VCA (output fader) with the according LEVEL CV input. The LP/BP/HP signal can be output both pre fader and post fader (pre or post VCA), the notch is not affected by this.

The master section affects and controls all four filters simultaneously, in addition to the individual CVs. The section has a master cutoff control with a Freq CV input, a master audio input sending it's signal to all four filters. The dry/wet control is voltage controllable, the wet signal's level can be set separately and is voltage controllable. The master notch output carries the mix of all notch filters, the MMF output the mix of all multimode filters.

160 mA +12V/ 150 mA -12V