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Punch v3

Patching Panda Punch v3



Patching Panda Punch is the ultimate VCA-DECAY module for Eurorack

Specially designed to generate dynamic percussive sounds but also capable of basslines, leads, envelopes and more. The VCA has a built in voltage controlled Decay envelope that can be turned from smooth to more aggressive exponential responses and can be activated with triggers, gates or cv’s.

Punch features two modes per channel to play, with a dedicated switch control: “vintage style drum machine mode” and “dynamic cv mode”

Punch is capable of creating AM sounds with control voltage on the “amount”

Each envelope can be inverted via dedicated switches on the front panel.

If you use an inverted envelope alongside the accent input you can create ducking effects like side-chain compression.

• 9hp
• 55 mA +12V / 52 mA -12V