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Pingable Envelope Generator

4MS Pingable Envelope Generator


The Pingable Envelope Generator or PEG is a dual digital envelope generator. The duration of one envelope cycle can be forced-to-fit between two "pings". This means that the envelope will perfectly fit into a rhythmical scheme!

Besides the use as an envelopes the PEG can be used as a LFOs as well, just hit the cycle switch. Both, the duration of the LFO cycle or the length of the envelope can be forced to fit perfectly into a time grid just by tapping the ping button or by feeding a clock into the ping input.

The ping rate can be multiplied or divided by the factors 2 to 8, manually and by CV which means you can automatize the LFO rate... perfect for wobbly modulations á la dubstep.

The characteristic, shape and the symmetry of the wave can be manually set and voltage controlled by the SKEW and CURVE parameters. A SCALE control acts as a polarizing attenuator on the output (-10V to 0V to +10V).

Further features: unipolar (0-10v) or bipolar mode (-5V to +5V). Trigger outputs for end-of-rise (or half-rise, depends on jumper setting) and end-of-fall. Logic function

  • Ping inputs
  • T input alternates between cycle and envelope modes simultaneously for both sections
  • QNT input fires the envelope at the next quantized beat. Constant HIGH signal loops the envelope
  • Async input fires the envelope immediatley
  • ENV output: range 0-10V. reacts on the bipolar and scale settings
  • +5V env: envelope output with a fixed range of 0-5V, regardless of scale and bipolar settings
  • trigger outs: end-of fall, end-of-rise (or half-rise: trigger at 50% level of the rise), OR-output.
  • CV inputs for divide/multiply ratio, skew and curve
  • OR compares the two units and outputs the momentary highest voltage given.
Width: 20hp
Max Depth: 40 mm
Power: 105 mA +12V / 35 mA -12V