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Mutable Instruments Peaks


Dual trigger to signal converter

Mutable Instruments Peaks is a compact two-channel trigger to signal converter - taking trigger/gate messages as inputs and responding by interesting audio or CV signals:

ADSR envelope, with A, D, S, R control.
LFO with frequency, waveform (square, triangle, sine, stepped, S&H), shape/asymmetry and phase controls.
Tap-LFO with amplitude, waveform, shape/asymmetry and phase controls. Frequency is locked to the rate of the incoming trigger signal or to the tapping of the front-panel button.
808-style kick and snare generator with frequency, decay, tone and snappy controls.
Peaks can work either in a partly-coupled "twin" mode in which the two channels share identical parameters but are triggered independently (useful for building duophonic patches), or in a totally independent "dual" mode in which you can independently control their two most important characteristics (A, D for envelope; frequency/waveform for LFO; waveform/shape for Tap-LFO; decay and tone for 808 sound generation). If you are willing to lose "one knob per function" control, the two channels can also be fully, and independently, be modified.

Peaks comes loaded with 4 additional gate/CV processing features:

  • Mini step-sequencer (4-step in twin mode, 2-step in split mode)
  • Trigger delay/shaper
  • Trigger stream randomizer
  • Digital drum synth (as featured on Mutable Instruments’ Anushri… minus the 8-bit noise!)
60 mA +12V
2 mA -12V
20 mm Depth