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Partials Vol 2

London Modular Partials Vol 2


Partials Vol. 2 brings together a suite of exploratory electronics, drone, ambient and deep listening music, including a host of new and exclusive tracks from artists such as Anthony Child (Surgeon), Plant43, Spatial and Jo Johnson.

Recognising the important role of artists in engaging with vital environmental issues, all profits from the release will go to support tree-planting initiatives through Eden Reforestation Projects, an international nonprofit that works with local communities across the world to restore forest ecosystems.
The CD release is limited to 150 copies.

1. Shasta Cults - Sine Waves With Subtle Phase
2. Jo Johnson - Careless
3. Warmsore - One Million Suns
4. Patrick R. Pärk - Another Dawn
5. Spatial - Bombe Dub
6. Southfacing - Crestfallen
7. Anthony Child - Astralinguistics 111
8. Datassette - Overtone Crystal
9. Ali Wade - Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum
10. Ekoplekz - Aviary Unheimlich
11. Negra Branca - Importa
12. Plant43 - Comet Chaser
13. Paperbark - Walk Through Them at Night
14. Constantine ft. Christos Sakellaridis - Between Worlds