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Octatrack DPS-1

Elektron Octatrack DPS-1


The Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 sampler is designed to revolutionise the concept of sampling.

The Elektron Octatrack DPS1 features a new improved version of the actual Elektron sequencer and a new audio engine. An intuitive user interface assists the user in the recording of source sound material, while the internal technology transforms loops into a format that the manufacturer describes as “completely elastic”.

The ’static’ nature of samples would appear to be a thing of the past as the Octatrack makes sure loops remain in sync no matter whether they are pitch shifted or if the tempo of the sequencer is changed. Single sounds can also be moulded into any shape or form.

The Elektron Octatrack features, compact flash card compatibility, ensuring samples are constantly available and a USB port for convenient transfer between computer and Octatrack. The sampler also features an optical fader that can be assigned to any of the unit’s control parameters, adding a wealth of live control possibilities.


  • Eight stereo tracks
  • Four audio inputs
  • Four audio outputs
  • Headphone output
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Compact Flash card reader
  • Optical fader
  • Improved Elektron sequencer
  • Realtime pitch shift/time stretch
  • Real-time sampling
  • Two effect blocks per track