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Dual discrete resistor-transistor NAND/AND logic gate

Two discrete NAND/AND logic gates.

The circuitries of the RYO logic gate modules are directly modeled after the very earliest form of digital logic gate designs using resistor-transistor (RTL) pioneered in the 1950s and used in computing equipment throughout the 50s and 60s. The Apollo Guidance Computer for instance used the same type of 3-input NOR gate design now found in the RYO NOR/OR module, although in vastly greater numbers.

The RTL circuit design gives the modules some interesting quirks thanks to the transistors thresholds and tolerances when playing around with different amplitudes, waveforms and frequency rates of the incoming signals, making it fun and useful to explore beyond typical logic gating duties, for example as an audio waveshaper/distortion.

It can be patched as two NOT gates,
one NOT gate and one 2- or 3-input NAND/AND gate,
one 2-input NAND/AND gate and one 2- or 3-input NAND/AND gate
or one 4-input NAND/AND gate.

Gate one has three inputs, the second has two. The inputs on gate one is normalled in a 1>2>3 fashion for efficient cable and time-saving patching. The inputs on gate two has also been normalled 1>2, with the AND out from gate one in turn being normalled to input 1 on gate two.

Listed price is for assembled module.

Current draw measured with +5V audio rate signals patched to all inputs, using the same signals gained to +10V the current draw is approximately doubled (ca 28mA).

14 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
45 mm Depth