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Steady State Fate Muton


8 channel, cascading analog summing mixer with clickless mutes

SSF MUTON (pronounced MUTE-ON) is an 8 channel VCA and cascading summing mixer, with click-less mutes.

MUTON is an indispensable tool for performing live and creating a more complex and controllable patch environment. Many direct and mix output schemes are possible due to the cascading nature of the outputs.

Eight, DC-coupled VCAs for use with control voltages as well as audio signals

Discrete transistor circuitry that may be over-driven for a warm vintage sound.

Audiophile grade signal path and output stages for hi fidelity signal processing.

Multiple mixing schemes and output configurations.

Pop-free mutes on every channel.

Operational with or without CV

    84mA @ +12v / 101mA @ -12V
    33mm Depth