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Mutant Rimshot Mutant Rimshot


909-inspired analog rimshot and clave generator with state variable filter

Rimshot or clave - take your pick.

  • Triple-oscillator analog rimshot core inspired by the legendary 909
  • Three modes of percussion synthesis: rimshot HI (classic), rimshot LO and clave (CLV)
  • Voltage control of one of the oscillators' pitch
  • External input to the filter lets you blend in other signal sources - wavetables and noise make for interesting percussion!
  • Rimshot DRIVE control acts as a volume and overdrive control for the rimshot generator

Coupled to an analog multi-mode filter

  • Bandpass, highpass and lowpass modes
  • Self-oscillation of the filter plays nicely when mixed in with the rimshot generator
  • Resonance clipping enabled by default. Feature can be disabled with a switch on the back of the module
  • Voltage controlled cutoff
  • Adjustable resonance

Modulation options sculpt the shape of your percussion

  • The MOD DECAY envelope controls the duration of the Rimshot
  • An internal modulation bus routes MOD DECAY to the filter's cutoff (adjust amount with the VCF MOD control) - perfect for percussive sweeps on the filter when self-oscillating

Designed for the contemporary modular synthesizer

  • Eurorack-compatible control voltage inputs (0 to 5V for full modulation) with bipolar attenuverters
  • A practical analog trigger circuit allows activation of the Rimshot from many signal sources (anything with a positive-going edge lasting 2ms or longer). Most electronic drum pads can also directly trigger the Mutant Rimshot.
  • An accent input accepts analog voltage control (0 to 5V will fully modulate the volume from low to high)
      Width: 8hp
      Max Depth: 30mm
      Power: 45mA@ +12V / 50mA @ -12V