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Muta Jovis

Noise Engineering Muta Jovis


Switchable quad mute

Muta Jovis is a 4HP switchable quad mute. The inputs are circularly normalled so a single input can be sent (and muted) to up to four outputs. Switches and LEDs that indicate channels that are outputting signal leave no doubt about the state of each channel. MJ was designed with gates/triggers in mind.

In: Four inputs correspond to the numbered switch (left side of module). Inputs circularly are normalled.
Out: Outputs (right side of module). When the switch is muted, it output is connected to ground. When not muted, it connects to the input jack.
Switch: Left is mute; right allows the signal to pass to the output.

If used without power, Muta Jovis will function as a quad mute, but no LEDs will illuminate. However, all other functionality remains.