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MS20 Mini White

Korg MS20 Mini White


Semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer Limited Edition
The Korg MS-20 Mini Monophonic Synthesizer White is a monophonic analogue synthesizer built to the original specification of the original MS-20. This reissue in a compact housing offers synth lovers the ability to own history and experience the power of the original hardware. Used by a variety of artists including Aphex Twin, Soulwax, OMD and Daft Punk, the original MS-20 was only in production between 1978 and 1983.

The MS-20 Mini offers the subtractive synthesis architecture found in the original, along with some new additions in the form of MIDI I/O and USB connectivity. The Korg MS-20 Mini features two improved low-noise Voltage Controlled Oscillators with selectable waveforms including ring modulation and noise, two Voltage Controlled High and Low-Pass Filters, two Voltage Controlled Amplifiers, two Envelope Generators and an LFO.

The main features of the Korg MS-20 Mini Monophonic Synthesizer White include:

• Complete Replication of Analogue Korg MS-20
• Keys: 36
• Structure: 2x VCOs, 2x VCAs, 2x VCFs, 2x EGs, 1x LFO
• Pitchbend
• Self-Oscillating High-Pass/Low-Pass Filters with Distinctive Distortion
• External Signal Processor
• Flexible Patching System
• Compact Housing
• MIDI IN & USB Connectors
• Colour: White