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Modular 101

london modular Modular 101


Beginner/No Experience needed.

This course will cover everything you need to know about modular, from the basics of control voltage and signal routing, to the patching of your very own system. But, more importantly, we will actually be getting hands on and learning how to use a modular synthesizer. This will teach you so much more than any youtube video, book or online tutorial...

Modular synthesisers can appear daunting to the uninitiated. One of the main aspects of this course is to make you feel comfortable using them. You’ll quickly learn the basics and realise there is nothing to fear! It soon becomes clear how rewarding they are and we guarantee you’ll be eager to learn more. 

Sessions start at 7pm prompt...

WEEK 1 - First Monday of the month / 1hr

  • History & concepts
  • Hardware Overview
  • Module Interactions

WEEK 2 - Second Monday of the month / 1 hr

  • Subtractive Patching 
  • Quantization/Arps
  • Matrix mixing

WEEK 3 - Thrid Monday of the month / 1 hr

  • Sequential Switching
  • Dual Voice Subtractive
  • Percussive patching

WEEK 4 - Forth Monday of the month  / 2 hrs

  • Daw Integration & synchronisation
  • Record Full song based on all techniques


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