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Mid 90s

Das Kino Mid 90s


Thursday 24th October
9pm screening **NO TRAILERS**
The Old Baths Cafe,
80 Eastway, E9 5JH 


The ambitious directorial debut of actor Jonah Hill (War Dogs, Wolf of Wall Street), MID 90s is a spiky tale of youthful rebellion with an evocative soundtrack; the perfect accompaniment to other recent coming-of-age portrayals.


MID 90s tells the story of 13-year-old Stevie (Sunny Suljic) an awkward Los Angeles teen with ‘hair bigger than his head’ who escapes his bleak home life and violent older brother (Lucas Hedges) by befriending a group of skate punks who take him under their tattered wings. With great performances all around, Suljic nevertheless stands out with a particularly touching turn as our uncertain protagonist, ebullient, circumspect and uncannily believable.


Even though Hill doesn’t appear in MID 90s, you can feel his presence in every scene. Directing from a script he wrote himself, the film feels authentic, not nostalgic; an unsentimental time capsule of the sights and sounds of a pop cultural moment that will have a particular appeal for younger audiences, a very promising debut.