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Mantic Euro Flex

WMD Mantic Euro Flex


Eurorack Version of Mantic Flex Pro PLL

We teamed up with the legendary William Matthewson to convert and optimize our acclaimed Flex PLL circuit for the Eurorack format!

Recommended for use as an effect with quick enveloped sounds, percussion, snappy basslines, VCOs and as an aux send as it will create something new and exciting out of anything you throw at it. Same PLL circuit as the original Flex, Flex PRO, and FLEX xs guitar pedals. Wild range of sounds and controllability Creates a new and inspiring voice out of anything you put in Dry/Wet mix for added versatility Input VCA with offset changes tone drastically based on input level set.

Features of the Eurorack module include:

-Full voltage control
-Integrated input VCA
-Dry/wet mix
-VCO Offset control
-CV Octave control that interacts with the VCO Offset

75 mA +12V / 10 mA -12V