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Erogenous Tones LEVIT8


8x Attenuator/Gain/Invert/DC-Offset/Mixer

A high density utility module designed to give you a large number of attenuator/gain functions along with optional mix, invert, DC offset and polarity indication for incoming signals.

Overall Features:

- 8 channels of attenuate or gain up to ~2x
- Each channel normalized to provide up to 10v DC when no signal attached.
- 4 of the input channels can be inverted
- Bi-color (red/blue) LED is after the inverter so you always know signal polarity
- Output mix configuration can be used with 3 different topologies
- Channel 4 mix engaged will mix channels 1-4 out channel 4 output
- Channel 8 mix engaged with Channel 4 mix also engaged, 1-4 out channel 4 and 5-8 out channel 8
- Only channel 8 mix engaged, 1-8 out channel 8
- Channels 1,2,3,5,6,7 still provide straight through signal regardless of mix setting
- Aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
- Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)

Width: 10hp 
Power: 50 mA @ +12V/ 50mA @ -12V