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Elektrofon Klang


4 voice polyphonic controller

Elektrofon Klang stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions. It provides easy access to tonal harmony for everyone. Thanks to a simplified interface of four encoders that all point to a note on the beautiful OLED display, you can programme a four-voice chord in no time. The "-" button deletes the active chord, and the "+" button adds a chord that will be set after the previous chord. The black CV input enables to transpose the chords. Two inputs, for trigger/gate or for CV allow to sequence the chord progression. 


  • OLED display with points that point towards each note in a chord
  • Four encoders choose which note values are set
  • Setup chord progessions with the "+" , or "-" buttons
  • Create complex chordal harmony
  • Tuning mode for tuning the VCOs

14hp wide