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Voltage Controlled Modular Delay

• PT2399 based Eurorack delay module
• Delay time from 32 milliseconds to 1,23 seconds
• LFO with triangle and square waves to modulate the delay time. With individual output
• “SYNC!” input to synchronize the delay time with a pulse wave
• “Lo-Fi” function to distort and shape the sound with dirty tones
• Send and return paths to modify the delayed sound before the output
• Infinite feedback for never-ending sounds
• Mix section with attenuator and clip led
• “Dry” & “Wet” controls
-CV inputs for time, wet mix, and feedback
• Delay low pass filter for a softened sound


    30mA @ -12V / 60mA @ +12V (typically 25mA)
    DEPTH: 25mm
    WIDTH: 18hp