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Hertz Donut II

Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut II


Dual digital oscillator with internal modulation bus

Changes from the original:

  • 24bit/96khz conversion on both FM inputs and waveform outputs - a completely new hardware design.
  • The generated sine wave probably sounds better than the output circuitry is capable of reproducing.
  • Attenuverters on all but one of the CV inputs, with center detent and a musically useful deadband
  • FM inputs are thru-zero.
  • nice 3-color illuminated tact switches instead of the big buttons.
  • "range" switch for each oscillator, from LFO rate, to useful audio range, and then up to 48khz.
  • Square wave outputs and FM inputs are fixed, no secret button combos necessary.
  • Discontinuity function has clean/dirty waveshaping modes (similar to the 259e), and the "fractal" discontinuity from the original.

Tracking generator now has a knob and CV input. The three modes (named by the color of the mode button) are as follows: Orange is the "bad/worse" from the original, with the knob selecting the time constant. Red is an improved version of the "stupid" tracking where the modulator will successfully converge on the destination frequency. Green locks the frequency of the modulator to the primary, with the knob controlling the amount of phase offset. This knob is now also a destination on the modulation bus.

3U Eurorack module, 17HP wide, 30mm deep.