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Geiger Counter Pro

WMD Geiger Counter Pro


All of the features of the original Geiger Counter with so much more. 16 footswitchable presets, MIDI control over presets,bit depth and sample rate blending, dry/wet mix, an end of signal filter and so much more. The most powerful pedal we’ve ever created. Designed for the pro to really dial in new, undiscovered sounds, never before heard in a distortion pedal.

Geiger Counter Pro consists of a preamplifier with distortion and tone control, bit crusher and wave shaping processors plus a brand-new low-pass filter. In contrast to the classic Geiger Counter, the resolution of the digital components was increased, the number of wavetables has been doubled and there is now a morph function. Furthermore, the Pro version features a preset system, MIDI, two CV / expression inputs and a wet / dry potentiometer. Just like with the small version, you can connect not only synthesizers and drum computers, but electric guitars as well.