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Broken Silicon Gainsburg


Dual channel VCA


  • Dual channel positive gain capable VCA
  • Amplification from -72 dB up to +24 dB !!!
  • Can be used as audio interface to input from line level gear or headphone outputs
  • Audio rate capable CV modulation
  • Link mode coupling initial gain and CV modulation for both channels
  • Summing output
  • Additional stereo mini jack inputs as well as two mono 6.3 mm jacks
  • High quality components from THAT Audio and high-end NE5532 OpAmps
  • Low noise, low THD


  • Normal dual channel VCA
  • Amplifier with optional saturation/heavy distortion
  • Audio rate modulation: Exponential ring modulator & self-modulation
  • Audio interface to line level and headphone outputs from external gear
  • Injecting gain into feedback loops for self-resonating
24mA +12V / 24mA -12V
28mm depth