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Faces Places

Das Kino Faces Places


Friday the 30th November
9pm screening 
The Old Baths Cafe,
80 Eastway, E95JH 
A maestro of French cinema and of documentary realism, Agnés Varda joins forces with street artist and self-styled photograffeur JR to create this funning, moving and multi-layered film that was a contender for Best Documentary at the 2018 Oscars.

Together, this odd couple of visual surprises take off to explore the French countryside in JR’s camera van – which not only looks like a giant camera but spits out polaroid-like posters.

Taking photos of the people they meet and pasting their huge images to village walls, the directorial duo challenge passers-by to look again at their familiar surroundings while inviting a conversation on both what art can do, and on the inner workings of the creative process.

After a gap of nine years, Varda is back with her first co-directed film, showing she’ll still discovering ways to work while approaching her tenth decade. The result is a marvellous documentary that cleverly blends still images and film and a living dialogue about what it takes to make a meaningful piece of art.