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Eastwick Travel 6U

Eastwick Eastwick Travel 6U


A ready to go bag and 6U case, A simple solution for the gigging modular user. 

The Carry Case is a bag in a bag concept. The internal is a 10mm padded first layer, which slots into our backpack, providing two layers of protection. 

There is space in and around the bag to house an Eastwick 6U case, a laptop, audio and power cables, with plenty of pockets and zips to hold smaller items and keep things safe.

Working closely with the company who provides The Royal Mail with their equipment, the Eastwick Carry Case has been designed for frequent use, a bag robust and vigorous for changing environments. It is designed to last a life time. We are sure it will.

Our included 6U Case will house two rows of modules. It is 104hp wide with a depth of 80mm. It comes with eight thumbscrews to hold various Eastwick accessories to the main case. Rubber feet on the base to protect surfaces. 

1x 6u Case
1x Travel Bag