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Disting MK4 MIDI Expander

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 MIDI Expander


Perfect beginners DIY kit! Contains everything you need except tools, time and solder.

The Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 MIDI Expander DIY Kit allows you to take full advantage of the new MIDI-enabled algorithms in the Disting MK4. The expander features a pair of MIDI ports (in and out), allowing
 it to receive MIDI (for additional control over the algorithms) and generate MIDI (to control external MIDI gear from its algorithms and CV inputs). Existing algorithms have had MIDI output added as well— notably the Quantizer and MIDI File Playback.

Note: This expander is only compatible with the Disting MK4, it will not work with older versions.

• Width: 4HP
• Depth: 27mm
• Power consumption: Passive (module does not draw current)