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Confundo Funkitus

Noise Engineering Confundo Funkitus


Probabilistic Beat Crossfader

The Noise Engineering Confundo Funkitus crossfades between two sets of four rhythms using probability. Three different probability curves can be selected to control the behavior of the crossfader. Per-part switch mutes are included with live performance in mind.


XFADE is the heart of the Confundo Funkitus. Its position, along with the current Curve mode, controls the probability that an individual input gate will be sent to the output.

XCV grants CV control over the XFADE controller. XCV is additive with the XFADE control and allows XCV to be unipolar, bipolar and negative unipolar, depending on XFADE’s position. If XFADE is fully left, XCV acts as a unipolar input. When centered, it acts as bipolar. When fully right, it becomes a negative unipolar input.

Burn is a button and gate input that pushes all 8 inputs to their outputs, providing a quick way to trigger a short, intense burst of rhythm.

The LED will illuminate when the XFADE is centered. This is used for giving visual feedback that the crossfader is in the center position as well as for calibrating the position of the detent

20 mA +12V

11 mA -12V
20 mA 5V
12hp wide