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WMD Compressor


Analog compressor

12 HP, CV control over the Attack, Release, Threshold and Makeup Gain. Added saturation modes for the input side and output side, both sound very different. Also added a wet dry blend for parallel compression (killer on kick drums).

The sidechain is now a normal, feedback mode has been removed (wasn't doing anything particularly special anyway). Also figured out how to add a peak detection mode, as well as a variable transient response mode in addition to the normal RMS sensing mode.

Stereo linking is accomplished with a cable on the back, connecting two modules together, and flipping both to stereo.

The attack release circuitry is still being tweaked, I'm working on expanding the range significantly, so those numbers on the panel will change.

Also added a ratio reversal switch, turning the compressor into an expander, which is cool for distortion and increasing dynamics.

The Compressor is DC coupled all the way through, including the side-chain, so you can compress DC voltages, or use DC in the side chain.


    52 mA +12V
    40 mA -12V
    25 mm Depth