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Brain Seed

Antimatter Audio Brain Seed


Sequencer, Random, Looper

The Antimatter Audio Brain Seed is a realtime step recorder with many extras that packs as much fun and functionality as could be wedged behind a 4hp panel while keeping the interface as intuitive as possible!


  • Record and playback up to 1000 steps
  • Random voltage generator function
  • Shift input to transpose sequences
  • Automated recording via the reseed input
  • Variable or fixed length modes
  • Save function to keep your sequence on power down
  • Optional 3-mode output quantizer function
  • Freeze input and trigger output per step to create fun rhythmic variations
  • Use as a digital s&h (no drift!), random generator, simple quantizer, note or modulation recorder, rhythm generator, or pseudo arpeggiator.
  • Capture values from your keyboard (using a midi-cv interface), lfos, chaos generators, noise, envelopes, dc offset knobs, or resample other sequencers!
    45 mA +12V
    45 mA -12V
    0 mA 5V
    48 mm Depth