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Bitesize 101

London Modular Bitesize 101


***Next session is July 16th 7-8.30pm***
This is a guided, introductory talk explaining the core concepts of Modular Synthesis. Over a 90 minute session you will be given: 

• A broad overview of the history of Modular Synthesis
• A look at the current state of Eurorack
• An explanation on how to start building your own system 
• How to patch a variety of sounds - basslines, leads, atmospheres, percussion and drums. 
• Informal Q&A to close the session. 
• Pizza with beer option!

These evenings are suggested for people who are unsure whether a Modular set up would be a good fit for their music productions. We hope you'll walk away with a better understanding of what these systems are capable of. The same course will run each Tuesday so it's easy to fit into your calendar! This is a fantastic first step before considering our more focused Modular 101 and 102 classes.

***The sessions run each Tuesday and start promptly at 7pm. For the food option the choice is from a Pizza Vegetariana (Tomato, mozzarella and roasted vegetables) or Pizza Calabria (Tomato, mozzarella and spicy salami). Both come with a 330ml Moretti beer to wash it down!***