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XAOC Devices Belgrad


1976 Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter

    XAOC Devices Belgrad is their first all-analog voltage controlled filter module which—on par with our other modules—brings something new to the table. While it can be used as a traditional VCF for “academic” subtractive synthesis, we guarantee countless hours of exciting timbral explorations thanks to its unique character, flexibility, and features. The most prominent feature is that it offers a multitude of frequency responses with two resonant peaks.

    • 10 distinct frequency responses,
    • vocal formant capability,
    • advanced resonance control,
    • nonlinear feedback and cross-modulation,
    • self-oscillation,
    • callibrated V/oct input,
    • temp. compensation
      Width: 14hp
      Power: 45mA +12V / 42mA -12V