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TipTop Audio BD909


Bassdrum voice of the TR-909 as Eurorack module with a rally great sound, partially extended parameters and voltage control.

  • Output Level - 0 - 10V
  • Original 909 Attack control
  • Extended 909 Decay control for more umphhh
  • New controls for the oscillator tuning:
  • Attack tune
  • Decay Tune - these two will have an effect on each other which makes it really cool
  • Global Oscillator Tune control - this sets an offset for the oscillator, sets the starting frequency for the envelope
  • VC-Tune with attenuator (can go over a wide range)
  • Overload knob - might not be everyone's cup of tea, what it does is overload the sine shapers which adds harmonics and some extra punch, it's an aggressive effect.
  • VC - Overload - Can be CV or even audio
  • Accent in - can be with a pulse or CV 0 - 5V
  • Accent Attenuator
  • Gate in
34 mA +12V
21 mA -12V
36 mm Depth