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B-Stock / Studio Electronics / AMP

B-Stock B-Stock / Studio Electronics / AMP


This is a used shop/demo module. It ships tested, with a ribbon, no original box or screws. 

Contact us if you would like more details on the condition of any B-Stock product. 


The Modstar VCA Amp is a Class A discrete amplifier module and provides an essential element to your modular setup. Featuring 3 pairs of hand matched transistors and a 2 stage design, with this VCA you can control the volume in two ways/stages at once. This flexible design can be used be used for envelope, modulation and volume control and has a warmth to its sound that is not clinical. The Modstar VCA Amp has serious character!

The AMP, the 5089, and the 3003 are Class A circuits. They draw more current from the +12 rail than from the -12 volt rail. If the system power supply is under-sized, hum or buzz may be heard. In that case, larger filter capacitors and/or a larger power transformer will be needed. The 4075 draws equally from both rails, and is more immune to hum.