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B-Stock / Noise Engineering / MIMETIC DIGITALIS

B-Stock B-Stock / Noise Engineering / MIMETIC DIGITALIS


This is a used shop/demo module. It ships tested, with a ribbon, no original box or screws. 

Contact us if you would like more details on the condition of any B-Stock product. 


Mimetic Digitalis is a compact CV sequencer with 16 steps arranged in a 4x4 matrix. The module is optimized for live operation. Patterns can be programmed or imported. Mute and shred functions make quick sequence variations possible. Four editable CV taps and a trigger socket are available on the output side. 16 patterns can be saved.




  • Multi-track CV sequencer
  • Controls for editing, saving and recalling sequences
  • 2D control over current stage: X, Y and random progression inputs
  • The Zero button clears all values ​​for an output.
  • Shred allows the creation of random, rhythmic patterns.
  • CV input for step selection
  • Trigger output each time a new step is selected
  • Machining of one or more parts at a time