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Thonk AT-AT-AT (DIY Kit)


Eurorack passive triple attenuator module (4hp).
A very simple and very useful Eurorack DIY kit. Below you’ll find links to very thorough build instructions written with synth DIY beginners in mind. This module requires no power from your busboard or prior electronic knowledge, it’s completely passive.

Each of the three attenuators can be set to either a linear or logarithmic response with a jumper on the back of the PCB. Linear is more user friendly for CV attenuation, Log for audio signal attenuation.

Build time: 20-60 mins depending on experience.

Everything is included to make and rack the pictured module, even the solder. You just need a soldering iron and a pair of side cutters to finish the build.

• Panel – 4hp – Anodised Aluminium with industrial Alu-Print legend
• Knobs – Davies 1900h clones
• Alpha 9mm pots
• Thonkiconn jacks
• Solder (a generous amounts for beginners)