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WMD Aperture


The Aperture is a bandpass filter with a wide palette of tonal colors. It is capable of simple
filtering, nasty acidic squelches, and capturing images of UFOs descending from the heavens
on a cold winter’s night. The main design focus of the Aperture was control and giving it all to
the user. This allows for the quick transition between these sonic landscapes while the center
of focus remains a choice that is your own.

Features include:

  • Variable bandwidth via tactile and CV controls
  • Independent resonance control over both sides of the filter
  • Dry / Wet mix for parallel filtering sounds
  • Feedback circuit with two modes and CV input
  • Independent CV control over the cutoff frequency of each side of the filter separate from the width and frequency controls
  • Four octaves minimum V/oct tracking
  • Temperature compensated
  • Self Oscillation of both filters throughout audio range.


+12V = 120mA
12V = 100mA
Depth: 25mm
Width: 12 HP
Height: 3U Eurorack
Input Gain: 90dB to +6dB
Nominal Input: 10Vpp
HPF Cutoff Freq Range: 0.5 Hz to 50kHz
LPF Cutoff Freq Range: 0.1Hz to 25kHz