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RYO Ampmix


4-channel mixer/attenuator with 2.0x gain and 5V offset

Ampmix is a 4-channel mixer/attenuator with 2.0x gain and 5.0V offset on each channel in an 8hp module. No calibration required. The Ampmix has been revised with a new look and improved specifications:

All outputs are now buffered.
There was a leakage between the input jacks via the normals if you didn't insert the patch cord plug all the way in the jack, that is eliminated.
The trimmer to set the offset voltage is replaced by a voltage reference zener shunt (LM4040) eliminating the need of calibration.
Improved noise floor
Slightly leaner power consumption
Ampmix was designed as a handy CV mixer and processor with buffered inputs and outputs but it will also work great with audio, even with full gain.

If you patch OUT1 to IN2 the chaining of channel 1 and 2 will provide 4x gain. If you also patch OUT2 to IN3 at the same time you get a total of up to 8x gain from the chaining of channel 1,2 and 3. Also if you patch OUT3 to IN4 at the same time it adds up to 16x gain chaining all 4 channels. You can chain any combination of channels it doesn't have to be in the described order.

An offset voltage is generated then normaled to the inputs of the 4 channels, giving them a maximum of 5V out each with knobs turned full clockwise (2.0x gain). Please note that these offsets will affect the mixing if the channel hasn't been patched on its input or output, so turning all unused channels fully counter-clockwise/left (off) is advisable for a clean mix.

It works as:

  • 4 channel mixer
  • 1 attenuator + 3 channel mixer
  • 2 attenuators + 2 channel mixer
  • or 4 attenuators

With up to 2.0x gain on each channel, chainable for greater gains.

22 mA +12V
22 mA -12V
35 mm Depth