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All the Wild Horses

Das Kino All the Wild Horses


Thursday 4th April
8pm screening **NO TRAILERS**
The Old Baths Cafe,
80 Eastway, E9 5JH 



Filmed against the glorious vastness of the Mongolian steppe, ALL THE WILD HORSES is a dynamic portrayal of the extreme and often dramatic Mongol Derby horse race.


Since its inception in 2009, skilled riders have come from all over the world to compete and this documentary follows six hopeful horse enthusiasts from Ireland, USA, South Africa, and the UK as they struggle to control the semi-wild, unbroken Mongolian horses they have chosen to ride. Herds come from local nomad families who manage the 27 horse stations along the vast 650 mile route, which recreates the horse messenger system developed by Ghengis Khan in 1224. These families consider the well-being of the horses paramount, and riders are judged for their compassion as well as their riding prowess.


Unpredictable steeds are only one of the challenging elements thrill-seeking riders have to face in this gruelling competition. Heat, exhaustion, broken bones and packs of wild dogs all come into play with less than half the field eventually crossing the finish line.


Director Ivo Marloh rode with the competitors and filmed them from the saddle after winning himself a place in the starting line-up. The result is a thrilling insight into the longest horse race in the world, ridden across one of its toughest but most beautiful environments.