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Cwejman ADSR-VC2


Dual VC Transient Generator

Both envelope generators are identical and provide control voltages that can be used for dynamic change of all voltage controlled parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, pulse width and cutoff. the most common use is controlling a filter's cutoff frequency and a voltage-controlled amplifier's amplitude in order to achieve dynamic timbre and level changes. all parameters such as attack time, decay time, sustain level, release time and output level are voltage-controlled.

The new (from 08-2007) ADSR-VC2 has additional DIP-switches on the back:
GATE dip-switch; switches the Gates to an internal gate bus (Doepfer style frames).
5/8 dip-switch; sets ADSR1&2 output levels to 5 or 8 Volts. The 5 Volts output level is preferable for controlling of other Cwejman modules.

30 mA +12V/-12V