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Doepfer A-111-3


A-111-3 is a high end VCO with a 4HP panel

The Doepfer A-111-3 is an extremely space-saving precision VCO/LFO with a 4HP panel only. Essentially it's the same basic circuit as the A-111-2 but with reduced features:

  • Triangle core
  • Min. 15 octaves pitch range (typ. 0.5Hz - 20kHz with appropriate external CV)
  • Perfect 1V/octave tracking over min. 10 octaves (typ. 20Hz - 20kHz)

Exponential frequency section:

  • Tune control (~ 0.5 or ~ 2 or ~ 10 octaves range, selectable via internal jumper)
  • 1V/octave CV input
  • XM input with attenuator
  • The XM input socket is normalled to a small positive voltage so that the XM control works as fine tune control when exponential FM is not in use
  • Access to bus CV (via jumper, optional)

Pulsewidth section for rectangle output:

  • PW (manual pulsewidth control from 0%/output = fixed at "low" state up to 100% / output fixed at "high" state)
  • PWM input (without attenuator), about 5Vpp for full PW range
  • Sync input (selectable hard or soft sync via internal jumper)

Waveform outputs:

  • Sawtooth, output level ~ 8Vpp
  • Rectangle (controlled from pulsewidth section), output level ~ 8Vpp
  • Triangle, output level ~ 8Vpp
  • Nearly "perfect" waveforms (no glitches)
  • Only 4HP panel

Modifications version (prototype 2):

  • Range switch so that the module can be used as VCO or LFO (in LFO mode all frequencies about 1/100 compared to VCO mode)
    LED (for display in LFO mode)
  • Smaller distance between the knobs and smaller knobs (because of the required space for the additional range switch)
40mA +12v / 40mA -12v