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With the growing number of Eurorack manufactures and modules appearing every month it can be an 
exhausting experience trying to plan out your next move. Even seasoned users are left scratching their heads so we fully understand how daunting it must be for newcomers to the scene!

We're here to help guide you towards a system (or module) that works best for you. As a physical, 
bricks and mortar store, we are in an excellent position to offer unbiased, physical demos of a vast 
range of Eurorack products.

We highly recommend getting in touch for a free consultation to help us tailor a system for your specific 
needs. The process is simple, but highly effective.

We have high standards and all our staff have spent countless hours testing modules and making sure
 only the finest make the cut - we can't be seen selling sub-standard products! If you'd like us to build 
the system and populate a case we can do this as part of our free service. We ship worldwide...

Get in touch here and let us make your life easier :)