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Repairs Terms & Conditions

. Work carried out by the repairs team is an agreement between you and us - we assume that you have read and accepted this agreement, our Terms and Conditions.

. Minimum charge is 25 pounds, this is to cover initial inspection of equipment.

. Prices quoted are estimates only and could be subject to change depending on what arises during a repair. This will be discussed with you if unforeseen problems arise which may significantly increase the cost of repair.

. Some small replacement parts will be adsorbed by us if the repair is a small fix, larger repairs or those needing expensive chips/etc will be charged to you, the customer.

. If we are unable to repair your equipment then there is no charge/except initial inspection fee.

. All shipping costs are to be covered by the customer.

. You should have the relevant insurance in place to protect your equipment/ we of course will take every care while in possession of your equipment but we do not offer insurance nor compensation for theft, fire or damages of any kind. This applies while we are in possession of your equipment and during transit between you and us in either direction.

. Any refunds or wavering of fees in the above case is at our discretion.

. Please note that any sensitive data should be backed up prior to us receiving your equipment, we cannot guarantee against loss of any patches/data.

. Any work done by us that is left with an outstanding bill might incur late payment penalties. This is due to your equipment taking up space in our workshop which might be preventing further work from getting allocated.

. While we will endeavour to regularly make contact with you after we have finished working on your equipment, we reserve the right to sell your equipment after a time span of 12 months of no contact or action from you.. this is to cover our costs.

. Kits must be full kits i.e everything that is required to get the module to a completed state. Under some circumstances, we might be able to gather the required components for a custom kit/module, but this must be talked about beforehand.

. Kits can be ordered by the customer and sent to London Modular, but you are required to pay all shipping costs to and from us.

. We can order the kits but an order will not be placed until payment is received and cleared to the amount of shipping to us plus the kit itself.

. Any items that are not in stock with your kit shop/manufacturer are at the responsibility of you, the customer. It is advisable before payment is made that stock is checked and available for immediate dispatch, a delay in receiving kits will not be our responsibility.

. Quoted build times for modules/kits are estimates only, you will be notified if a kit is taking longer than the quoted build time within reason.

. Finished builds will not be available for pickup or shipment until payment is cleared, with no exception.